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Enough With The Shovel: A LEVERAGEDWISDOM Insight

14 Oct
October 14, 2018

We all know the rule of holes…if you’re in one, stop digging! 

A hole in business is an unpleasant place where:

1)         There is no return on the investment of time or money.
2)         A business relationship continues to be disappointing.
3)         The potential for an idea continues to be unrealized.
4)         A non-performing business silo lives on.

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Success as a Blind Spot, No Lessons Learned

27 Sep
September 27, 2018

Most entrepreneurs are smart and if nothing else, resilient. Their tolerance for pain and risk would impress a US Navy Seal. They work hard, duck, bob and weave, believe when others don’t, pull wins out of thin air and sometimes get lucky. And when the “wins” do come that is what they focus on. That’s where they get their psychological strength and what sustains their resiliency.

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Purple? No. Meet For Drinks? Yes!

15 Jul
July 15, 2018

Twelve CEOs were staring at six bottles of nail polish I had placed on the conference room table. (Two women and ten men were participating in their monthly LEVERAGEDWISDOM peer learning meeting. I asked the women to hold their answers.)

Raising one small clear glass bottle filled with nail polish, I asked, “What color is this”? Purple?  No!  Plum?  No!  Blue-violet? No!
Holding up another bottle, I asked, “and this one?”  Deep pink?  No!  Rose?  No!

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Stand on your desk!!! Get behind the counter!!! Break down the walls!!! You’re boring!!!!

18 May
May 18, 2018

A CEO’s perspective and vision are often defined by their routines. So, it is useful for them to break their routines in order to gain new perspectives.

Example: Stand on your desk!!!
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Process Choke Point: Indecision is a Decision.

15 Feb
February 15, 2018

Being CEO/Owner means you have to make decisions in a timely and effective manner.

Yes or No…Heads or Tails…Left or Right.

At LEVERAGEDWISDOM, we’re all for a well-researched thoughtful measured decision making process that’s inclusive of others.  After all we are a CEO/Owner peer learning organization; but, at the end of the day…somebody has to pull the trigger.  However, too often, leaders insist on more information and more time…more meetings and more opinions, more of this and more of that.  Bottom-line, if the decision process takes too long it becomes a Choke Point. Read more →

Choke Points #1: Person, Position or Process

11 Jan
January 11, 2018

At LEVERAGEDWISDOM we work on our Member CEO’s choke points often leading to unusual action steps.

In military strategy, choke points are geographical features; such as bridge, valley, or strait which an army or navy is forced to pass through. The choke point increases vulnerability, decreases combat power and compromises the ability of a unit to reach their objective.

In business a choke point is a person, position or process that decreases the company’s operational excellence when delivering products or services to customers; thereby, compromising growth and/or profitability.

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